After flying into ATL from OKC, I decided to go to the Sky Club in Concourse E as that is where the flight was departing from. I have noticed that all the sky cubs have about the same food and drink offering.  This was my first time in Concourse E and I wish I would have gone to the one in F instead as it is much nicer. Concourse E Sky Club has pretty low ceilings and and lack of natural lighting.  It was adequate though as I only had about 45 minutes.

After getting a quick snack and drink I went to board. You can read about my interesting experience here.

So I settled into my regular economy seat 29 F for the next 8 hours. I knew I had seats 29E and 29F and by the time I got there, I am not sure what amenities were supposed to be there though. I had 1 pillow and 2 blankets and wrappers for headphone and earplugs. I didn’t really need any of that stuff, so it wasn’t a big deal. One of the flight attendants said they were sorry what happened and they would take care of me this flight. We immediately pushed back and takeoff was pretty normal.

The seat itself felt the same as just about every other Delta flight. No extra leg room on this 767-300 for the 8 hour flight. Since I had an open seat next to me I was able to cross my legs and be fairly comfortable. I was also able to work OK on my computer, but it would have been tight with a person next to me.


I started perusing the entertainment system which has plenty of new and classic movies. I start watching War of the Planet of the Apes. Then the purser comes on the loudspeaker informing everyone that they are having numerous difficulties with they systems and are going to do a mass reboot that will take about 15 minutes.

Shortly later they came around with wet naps and bottles of water. They also asked me what I would like for dinner and brought that to me first to make sure I got my choice. (While they had a cart and went row by row for the rest of economy.) I elected to go with the chicken kale salad. I thought this was going to be like chicken salad, but it was more chicken AND salad. The chicken wasn’t good, but the salad was OK. The fruit was good and the veggies with some type of avocado tip was pretty tasty. Then there was also packaged cheese and crackers. The best part was definitely the prepackaged brownie. They also passed around drinks with dinner and you had wine, beer, and alcohol selections. I just stayed with water as I knew the time wasn’t to go by too fast and needed water to feel rested upon landing.

By this time I selected to watch the new Transformers movie and started dozing off about 30 minutes into it.  I then woke up when it was ending so I got about 90 minutes of rest/sleep. I then started it over and worked for about the next 2 hours. At this point there was about 90 minutes left in the flight in which juice cups and breakfast boxes were distributed. These boxes were pretty disappointing. They had some decent yogurt, packaged cheese, and a cheese roll. I thought maybe it was a danish, but no, it was just like a pre-packaged cheese dinner roll. With about 30 minutes left in  the flight, they came around and picked up the trash.

I was surprised to see how often the flight attendants came around with water. This definitely helps getting you hydrated and refreshed upon landing.  This meant I had to go to the bathroom several times. The lines were never that long and they were always clean enough.


Landing was smooth and had some nice views upon descent. I was also given a fast track through UK customs card. However when we landed customs lines weren’t that long.


Overall, it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated in economy. They had a pretty good entertainment system which can make the time go by quickly. The seats are small, so I wouldn’t forecast a lot of sleep on this plane. Fortunately it was pretty quit and peaceful on this flight, but so often that depends on the other passengers on the flight. For a short international flight like this 8 hour flight, its bearable. If the flight is over 10 hours, I definitely would not have negotiated with Delta and would have stayed in business.



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