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When booking a Disney Cruise, one of the hardest parts is figuring out which stateroom category to book. Do you have the idea of only spending 7 hours a night in your stateroom sleeping so interior is ok? Or do you want to be able to relax as needed throughout the day and sip a glass of wine on your balcony in the middle of the Ocean? We decided a Deluxe Verandah for our first family cruise. Mrs. Trup’s parents booked a regular verandah view category 5c 7658 and I will briefly compare those 2 at the end.

We were on board the fabulous Disney Dream ship. Our deluxe verandah room was plenty big for the 4 of us. Immediately upon walking in to the left were 2 small wardrobes where you could hang your items and put your clothes away. You could also put 1 carry one size or medium sized suitcase in here and still be able to open it. An in room safe was also in the wardrobe. It was pretty tight here so hard to get any good pictures.


Opposite the wardrobes was the bathroom. There are two separate bathroom areas which makes it very nice for getting ready. They were bigger than I anticipated for a cruise ship. One door lead to a basic commode and sink. The other door lead to a small tub/shower combo. This had a hand held shower head as well as a rainfall shower head. There was also a clothesline for drying clothes. Disney provides toiletries as well. In both bathrooms there was plenty of hooks for hanging bags or clothes as well as shelves with bars on them so you could put all your items in there and they would not fall off. It made it easy to get organized without a huge counter top. Disney services the room throughout the day so there was always plenty of towels.


Now you are past the hallway and can see the main portion of the room. The king size bed was very comfortable and there was plenty of space underneath of it for large suitcase storage. There was a lamp on each side of the bed for reading as well as an electric plug. Then there was a curtain that could be closed to provide a lil privacy when sleeping at night.


Pass the bed is the 3 person couch as well as a large desk. This desk had several sets of drawers where we put our kids clothes away. At the desk area is where the other electrical outlets are. There is a small TV that can be rotated as well. Note you cant see the TV from the bed if the curtain is closed. There is also an ottoman that opens up that we put our dirty laundry in. It had vents in the bottom so hopefully that’s what it was for. Built into the desk area is a refrigerator that was pretty small, but big enough for a few bottles of water and wine. They did not have a bottle opener but will provide one if requested.


Also at the desk is the hair dryer outlet for the hair dryer that’s in the drawer. Note it only works in this one outlet, its not made to work in the bathroom. Also at the desk is 2 phones and one charger that you can take throughout the ship. This is a great way to keep in touch with other rooms or if your family is doing different activities.


Next was what made the room expensive. The balcony. It was pretty basic with 2 chairs in a small table. For our 3 night cruise we were on the starboard side.  None of the docking ports were that impressive. We did have a view of Castaway Cay though where the port side would not have.

IMG_4500IMG_4535 (2)IMG_4499IMG_4654

When you are out to dinner your stateroom attendant will come in and provide turn down service for the evening. This includes replacing any towels and making the foldout beds. Most staterooms have the couch that folds into a single bed, and then a bed that can come out of the ceiling. This deluxe room had an additional bed that falls out from the wall next to the balcony door. As you can see in the picture they had bed rails if requested as well as a buckle if the water was rough.

IMG_4549IMG_4557 (2)IMG_20180113_210406

There was a nightlight built in to the ceiling that provided the perfect amount of light for kids sleeping.

The stateroom attendant would also provide some towel and blanket animals each night with chocolates and the next days activities.

I am not sure what all of these are, but apparently they all needed my wife’s sunglasses!


Then e the door is magnetic and probably about 50% of the doors have some type of magnetic decoration on them. We bought ours off of Etsy.


So what is the difference between a deluxe verandah stateroom and a regular verandah stateroom? The main difference was the extra bed that came out of the wall.  The deluxe had about 5 extra feet in the length to allow for this extra bed. This meant some of the desk area was slightly different. The width of the room and bathroom were the same as well as the balcony. If you have 5 people in your family and need that extra bed, then the deluxe makes sense. For our family of 4, we did not really need it and would not book that same category again.

Now sleeping on a cruise ship can be hit or miss. Our neighbors on one side of us had 2 young children that we never heard. They probably went to bed before we did and hopefully we didn’t wake them up. Our neighbors on the other side had a least 3 kids in that room and while not they were not that loud, you could hear them when they returned around midnight each evening. We would call it a night around 1030-11 so we would just fall asleep and then be woken up. Luckily our kids never woke up and I could just put in headphones for a few minutes.

The night that we were going to Castaway Cay was a lil noisy. In January it can get windy in the Bahamas and around midnight the whole room was shaking. It wasn’t swaying back and forth, but literally shaking.  After about 20 minutes of this I decided to walk around the ship along with some other sleepless dads. Guest services informed us that typically they dock early in the morning but it was calm seas right now and they wanted to dock at night which requires the ship going in reverse. If they didnt dock at night there was a good chance of them not being able to dock at all the next morning. I did read upon our return that a ship a few days later was not able to dock because of high winds and just spent the day at sea. So I was glad to lose an hour of sleep to get to go to Castaway Cay.

Overall our DELUXE FAMILY OCEANVIEW STATEROOM WITH VERANDAH CATEGORY 4C was great and bigger than what we needed. It was in good shape and was very clean with service to it several times throughout the day.

I still have several more postings coming up in the next week so stay tuned for more!




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