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So what’s one of the highlights of any cruise? The food, food, food and more food. Disney does not disappoint with their options. For a 3 night cruise, there were plenty of restaurants to satisfy our family. ( We did not participate in any of the additional cost dining options.) We chose the 5:45 dining option which worked great for our family. Your rotation is on your key card, and ours was AER for Animators Palate, Enchanted Garden, and Royal Palace. I didn’t always have my camera with me when eating, so I didn’t always get great pictures.


Animators Palate was a very fun restaurant where table members can interact with TV screens. The screens will ask you questions and make jokes. Unfortunately we were at a bad table where our screen didn’t work.  Each main restaurant had a different main menu, but the children’s menu was basically the same each day.  The service at all the restaurants was great. Our head waiter/server and his assistant both worked very hard and were also very entertaining. One great thing about eating on a cruise is that they would bring out multiple dishes and desserts.  If you are not sure what to get, tell you waiter and they will probably bring you a few dishes to try. They do have a drink menu and beers are around $6. Glass of wine was about $9, which while not cheap, isn’t horrible. They also have a wine bottle deal where you can buy 3 bottles to spread over the 3 nights starting around $100. We brought some wine with us and I was disappointed they had a $25 corking fee. I could see like a $5-$10 corking fee, but $25? We just saved it for our room!


Enchanted Garden was the next nights restaurant. This restaurant was very fairytalish.

IMG_4607 (2)IMG_4667


Our final night was at The Royal Palace. Menu is below, and I  ended up having one of just about everything this night. After 2 nights of my son eating off the kids menu, our waiter convinced my son to try to lobster pasta. When my son ended up just eating the losbter, our waiter brought him out a large bowl of just lobster!


There are also several buffet style or grab and go restaurants as well. For breakfast we ate at Cabanas most mornings. Very good selection of items with lots of fruit and made to order eggs. Then for lunches you can eat at Cabanas or there are other grab and go including pizza, burgers, ice cream etc on the same deck from Flo’s Cafe. Then of course they have room service that’s included. We did not use this option though. Your final breakfast restaurant is only at the same restaurant you at the night before. It was a limited menu as well. It’s a lil rushed and disappointed that the final day all goes by so quick.

Our server Branko was awesome below. Always keeping the kids entertained making napkin hats, doing magic tricks, and just making the kids smile. Thanks Branko!



They were very quick to sit people each evening at 545. If you got there early there would be a small line, but by 550 everyone was seated. I thought the food was great and look forward to eating on the Dream again. If it was a longer cruise, I could see 2 things: 1- eating too much, and 2- wanting a lil more variety. For 3-5 days though this was great.


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  1. On a longer cruise (I have done Magic 7 night Caribbean & Wonder 14 night Panama Canal) you eat at different dining rooms each night, with a different menu each day. You don’t repeat menus, throughout the total of your voyage.

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