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Planning a Disney Cruise


There are numerous websites out there that will give you 100 tips about a Disney Cruise. I wont be listing a 100 different tips, but here are a few things that we would do differently if/when we took another Disney Cruise.  Would we take another cruise? Absolutely! Just gotta find the right time.

Book a different stateroom. We booked a Deluxe Family Oceanview with Verandah Stateroom. Our room was great but the added space compared to a regular Verandah Stateroom was not worth the added cost since we only had 4 people.


Pack you drinks. Unfortunately I must not have read all the packing directions very clearly. We stopped in Orlando and bought 2 cheap bottles of wine per person and packed it in our baggage we gave to the porters. Then after we parked we saw the signs that said alcohol mush be packed in your carry on. We were still able to pick it up the morning of our last day though. We also bought some wine in the Bahamas and was able to take that on board.


Buy a picture package. To get all your digital pictures was about $200 for our cruise. At first I thought that was expensive. They take a ton of pictures though and if you are buying the package, I would have posed for a lot more and taken some family pictures. Just need to budget it in and go for it next time. However by not buying a head of time Iavoided the lets all get matching outfits for a future Christmas card conversation. shux….


Read more on Castaway Cay. Castaway Cay was great. I just wish I knew ahead that there was so many paid activities. There is plenty of do for free, but items like snorkeling and the stingrays are paid items. I knew that motorsports were paid and was hoping to do some wakeboarding, but it was too windy on our day there. Also closed was some of the waterbikes and kayaks which would have been free.  Again just need to budget ahead of time.


Take your Daily Navigator to the Bahamas. In your newsletter there was a paper to get signed by 4 different shops for a free goodie. While we brought ours some other people in our party forgot theirs. It was nothing amazing but my daughter got a nice necklace, bracelet, color changing ring, and tote bag.


Put in all your passport info online and checking ASAP. I read on another tip site that you can only checkin 72 hours a head of time. That was incorrect. It is dependent on if you are a previous cruiser or VIP, but most people can check in 45-60 days beforehand. I think I checked in 23 days beforehand and got a 11:15 boarding time. I was hoping for a 10am….

Decide if you want to take another Disney Cruise a head of time. They offer 10% off future cruises if you put a deposit down while cruising. No one ever wants to make a impulse buy, but saving 10% on a future cruise is a pretty good deal. Talk about it ahead of time to make the decision easy.

Last Day is tiring. After staying up late because its your last night, our breakfast time was at 615 the next morning and then Disney assigned us a time of 8am to depart. (mandatory to be off by 10) Now I am not sure what happens if you eat at a different time or if you leave at 9:59. Next time I will probably find out. This also led to a very tiring entire day. Our flight from MCO-DAL-OKC was not until 7pm. So we decided to visit Kennedy Space Center. It worked out pretty good since KSC isn’t the most intense experience in the Orlando area. Then you have to drive the hour to get to the airport. Of course our flights were delayed and then once we got to OKC, getting our bags took forever. I am glad that we did not plan on doing a theme park the last day. Next time I would aim for like a 1pm flight if its no added cost. It worked out just fine with our late flights, but it was hard going to work the next day.



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