Boarding for our flight started right on time. I typically like window seats but was assigned seat 5B in the middle as there where no window seats when I bought my ticket. There was an older couple who had 2 window seats behind each other in seats 3A and 4A and they were quite entertaining. We boarded through the forward door so all the traffic would go by all the DeltaOne Passengers on this 767. The couple kept getting up, trying to take 2 seats next to each other that were open, but then those people would come and they would have to move, really disrupting the boarding process. The Purser was very polite and just asked them to be seated until boarding was finished and then she would see what she could do. She asked  a few people who didn’t want to move. Myself and the person next to me didn’t mind so we switched with them. The purser said she would deposit some miles into my account for the hassle, but we will see. I was happy to now be in seat 3a.

They brought around some pre departure OJ, Heineken, and Champagne. I opted for the Champagne and a few minutes later we were pushing off. We get to the runway, and our left engine wouldn’t start so we have to get taxi’d back in and wait.  During this delay they did bring out some snacks and I just grabbed a banana. You could also watch movies, so I started watching The Kingsmen and popped upon my laptop for a little bit. They fixed the fuel switch pretty quickly but had to get paperwork signed off, so an hour later we were back taking off.


At the seat waiting for passengers in DeltaOne was a large pillow, large blanket, amenity kit, and headphones.  The pillow and blanket and pretty nice for business class. I like the headphones, but they are not the best in the worked but they suffice. The amenity kit is pretty standard as you can see below. I do like the decent toothbrush and travel size tube of toothpaste they give ya as I hate those super small ones.


Now the seats on DeltaOne aren’t anything special. The 767 and A330 are pretty similar. I have flown on then probably 10 times over the past 5 years that I forgot to take any great pictures. There isn’t a lot of storage but I can store by computer bag in the foot cubby during takeoff and landing. There is nothing special about them, or any nice finishing touches. They go out into a bed and for a 6ft person, my feet are very uncomfortable in the cubby. I have figured out the perfect position as a side sleeper though so I can get comfortable.

During boarding they passed around menus you can see below and took orders. The purser really sold the lasagna so I decided to go with it. (I often go with the beef and am usually disappointed)


Shortly after takeoff they came around with drinks and nuts. I also ended up going with the signature cocktail on this flight which was some type of Tequilla drink. It was tasty and a lil more sophistication than a margarita. The warm spicy nuts were just that, warm and spicy.


About 20 minutes later they came around with the starters. The tomato soup was initially pretty good with croutons and pesto in it. However after a few bites I felt like I was eating marinara sauce so I did not finish it. The salad was quite good. The smoked trout was just bad. They also had bread that was just OK, it wasn’t real warm and they didn’t have pretzel bread which I look forward to on a flight.


Shortly after that they cleared plates and come out with the hand rolled lasagna made from local fresh ingredients with pesto on top. I didn’t realize it was going to be a pinwheel (the rolled part should have given it away). This was delicious. I would definitely recommend it. (number 4 lasagna after Moms, wifes, and mother in law.)


After my plate was cleared I knew they wouldn’t serve dessert until everyone was done or almost done. So I decided to go to the bathroom and change into some shorts. Bathrooms were larger that whats on a domestic plane, but nothing special.

Dessert cart come by a lil later and I was anxious to try to pear cake with ice cream. It was pretty darn good and just what I was looking for.


By this time I had already finished The Kingsmen movie and started American Made. It was pretty good but I knew I wanted to get some sleep so I put it on hold and decided to see how much sleep I could get.

I know that the best way to sleep in this configuration is for me to be on my side as my feet don’t fit very well in the foot cubby, which is not how I usually sleep at home though.  The cabin was a lil warm and i turned on he air nozzles on full blast, but I ended up getting 3-4 hours of sleep. Now I tossed and turned a lil bit, but I didn’t really wake up until the lights turned on. And it went from dark to completely bright.


Breakfast was not good. I had the johnny cakes which were pretty much just bad pancakes with a side of bad sausage. As you can see on the picture below, there is am empty space for a danish of some sort. However no one ever came by to give our side one. I am glad I licked my lasagna plate clean earlier as breakfast would not have held me over too long.


With about 30 minutes left we started our decent. At this time DeltaOne passengers were also given a card for customs fast pass and for the arrivals lounge. Some nice views below on the way into LHR.


Always nice to taxi next to the Queen of the sky.

Overall it was a pretty average flight, which is what you expect from Delta. I would not go out of my way to fly this, but it gets you from point A to Point B in a comfortable enough manner.




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