My flight from LHR to FCO was on Alitalia out of Terminal 2. It was a short 2 hour flight and booking economy was just fine. There was a Priority Pass Skyteam lounge in terminal 2 that I decided to check out.  I was able to checkin online get through security very quick and go up to the lounge. Now this is a Priority Pass lounge and I was planning on using my card. However they took my boarding pass and even though I was on economy my Delta Gold status got me in on this international flight. Now the lounge was great. Very large, not crowded, and a decent food selection. They actually had several different foods throughout the 2 hours I was there. I will let the pictures below just show the lounge. It was one of the nicest Skyteam lounges I have been in.


This was a roped off section for first class passengers.

I left the lounge about 40 minutes before my departure time. As so often on international flights, boarding was somewhat chaotic. As soon as one person lined up, 100 people were in line in less than 2 minutes. With Delta Gold status, I had elite benefits so I sat in my seat for another 20 minutes before they started to board.  They call my name over teh intercom to check my documentation, then i went back to my seat. Alitalia started a second line for premium and elite passengers and I was able to use that line. Boarding ended up being quick and efficient.


Now this was a standard 737 with normal legroom. No extra amenities or anything, but they did have free soda and cookies. It was a short flight and with an empty middle seat next to me I was able to get some work done.

Overall the flight was just fine for a short hop from London to Rome. With the lounge access beforehand, it made it very easy to spend some extra time in LHR.


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