I ended up taking a shared van service from the airport for about 25 euro. There were several van services just inside for the taxi service so i decided to give it a try. a taxi has a flat rate of 48 euro. Exterior of the hotel. The location is great. 10 minutes walk to Trevi Fountain and about 25 minute walk to the Colosseum. Lots of shops and restaurants withing walking distance.


Check-in was quick and easy. I did ask for an upgraded room and they told me I had a deluxe room with a view on the 4th floor.  Lobby was very large and had lots of nice furnishings. Kind of felt like going to grandma’s house though and being afraid to sit down.IMG_20180301_200154IMG_20180301_200146IMG_20180301_200121IMG_20180301_114429

The exercise room was in the basement. While the hallway up and down is nice, the equipment was not. It was small with no windows and just very basic equipment.IMG_20180301_114409IMG_20180301_143409IMG_20180301_143403

The bar was on the first floor and was adequate, but never crowded or lively. Good to have a pre or post dinner drink, but not to spend all night at. A beer was 8 Euro, while a beer from my mini bar was only 7 euro.IMG_20180301_200132IMG_20180301_200140

The hotel also had a concierge on the first floor.IMG_20180301_200352IMG_20180301_200404

Just a random statue.IMG_20180301_200231

Small but private business center.IMG_20180301_200214

Lovely hallway to my room with nice furnishings.


Comfortable King Size Bed. Also had USB plugs on each side. Small desk by the window.IMG_20180228_164349

Nice chair and a random chair in the room.IMG_20180228_164355

Could fit your computer on the desk, but that’s about it.IMG_20180228_164416

The safe was tiny. My 14in notebook computer could not fit in.IMG_20180228_164444

Normal mini-bar items.IMG_20180228_164454IMG_20180228_164508

Midnight room service when the mini-bar just wont do. Yes they bring you a wine glass to pour your beer into.


Bathroom was very luxurious and bright. Large counter, nice unique toiletries, and comfortable robes.IMG_20180228_164555IMG_20180228_164539IMG_20180228_164605IMG_20180228_164617IMG_20180228_164533

The view directly from the window was nothing special on the 4th floor. However you can actually open your window all the way up and stick your head out and the views improved. It was cloudy everyday I was there so the distance was limited.IMG_20180302_013629IMG_20180302_013618

View if you had an interior room.IMG_20180303_012822

Breakfast was served on the 7th floor. I have Marriott Gold Status from being a AMEX platinum card holder, which gives you Sheraton Elite Status, which matches to Marriott. So my breakfast was free. They have a buffet which I believe was 30 euro, but also had a la carte offerings for much cheaper. White tablecloths and fine china for breakfast make you feel special in the morning, especially when they have self serve Prosecco and OJ.  There was also dining available outside where the views are better, but it was cold and rainy during my visit. The downside was during my 3 mornings there, it was the same offerings each morning. Only on the 3rd day did someone offer me some made to order eggs which were included. I passed as I was in a hurry to get to the airport.


My stay was perfectly fine here at the Marriott Flora in Rome. I would stay here again if the price was right. Its a good location, comfortable rooms, and high end touches. I was disappointed there was no exec lounge here though. I would not go out of my way to stay here though.


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