After walking out of The Alexandrian, I finally got to The Morrison House around 10:50PM. There are no big signs or anything, and it is right off of the main King Street in Alexandria. I actually passed it, parked my car on the street and walked back to the hotel. There was no valet and no signs for parking at the hotel had no bellman to help with bags up the stairs. (not that I needed it anyways) The outside was very nice and quaint just as you would expect. Walk in the fancy front door and it was like walking into a 150 year old house.


They had all my information already from the previous hotel and I got checked in quickly and received a few bottles of water. I am hungry at this point and I ask what time they stop serving drinks and food The front desk says at 11 and they are closing up now. I tell them oh well I will just go to bed. He could tell I was disappointed though. I take the elevator up to my 5th floor room and walk down to room 511. (not sure where they are doing construction, but elevator is all padded.)



As I am walking into the room I get a call from the front desk, saying I can order off the room service menu or come down to the bar/restaurant and they will make my meal the last meal of the day. He actually even offered to bring me up a menu and take my immediate order. I tell him I will be downstairs in just a minute.

I go back down to the bar and have some amazing brussell sprouts (still thinking of how good they were a few days later) and pretty good gnocchi and a few beers. It’s a small intimate bar that was just what I needed at 11pm. There were a few other people at the bar having a good time. They were locals not staying there and I thought it was kind of weird to go to a hotel bar to by $8 beers, but oh well.


By midnight I am back up to my room checking it out. It’s large and basic. The room is perfectly fine, but there was nothing amazing about it. It also really didn’t have any historic items or anything that made it unique. Just one small window as well.



The bed and pillows were extremely comfortable. I usually don’t sleep very well the first night, but I hit hit the hay and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off at 6:30 the next morning. Breakfast didn’t start until 7am. My voucher was for a $10 credit or the continental breakfast. There was no buffet and nothing on the menu under $10. So I had the continental, which was fruit, English muffin, and a drink. Not that impressive but it was fine for one morning. I was the only person in the restaurant and I was out by 7:15.


The hotel had a nice sitting area with self service tea and coffee.   After that there wasn’t very many public spaces. There was no gym or pool here, however you could use The Alexandrian which has those items.


The location is great. However they are numerous other hotels close to King Street. While the hotel was OK, the service went above and beyond expectations and and I appreciate them extending their kitchen just for me. I would recommend others to stay here. I would probably not stay here again just because I typically like a gym in the morning and a lil more modern style hotel.



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