3 Successful calls to the Delta Call Center

I don’t know anyone that looks forward to having to call a service call center. I like most people would rather deal with a live person, or go online before having to wait on hold for who knows how long and deal with “Mike” from “Cleveland” where it’s 82 degrees right now. Well in the past 2 weeks, I have had the pleasure of calling Delta for 3 different reasons.

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2 weeks ago I was in DC driving to the airport when DCA got 3 inches of rain in about an hour. Once I got through security, I realized they were having a rolling wave of delays and cancellations. I had opportunities to re-book through the App, but they were different choices for myself and my colleague and we would rather be on the same flight. I went to the Delta Sky Club and waited in line for a half hour only to be told that if I wanted the 2 of us to be on the same flight, that it would be $29 since he doesn’t have Delta Sky Club Access. (I have it thank to my Platinum AMEX card.) Out of Principle I wasn’t going to pay that. We ended up on different flights the next morning. This was the same night as the All Star Game in DC, so a Courtyard Airport hotel was $599. We got a regular rate at a Hilton Garden Inn in Annapolis. Hour and a half drive later we arrive at our hotel and realize we are closer to BWI now.

So I called Delta to see if they could get us on the same flight out of BWI in the morning instead. A short 2 minute wait before I spoke with a live representative. She said no problem, that she found some openings and could accommodate us. Now it took her about 30 minutes to get us both re-booked. I was at the Hotel bar doing a lil work, so I didn’t mind the wait. Being on the same flight and driving 20 minutes to BWI was much appreciated rather than having to drive back to DCA.


About a week later we booked a trip to Napa Valley with another couple using part of the voucher I received last year. I cant use this voucher online and I always have to call it in.  I knew this one would be a lil complicated because there were 3 tickets at a low rate, and the 4th ticket was about $50 more. I called and it took the initial rep 30 minutes just the find my voucher tied to my account. She was very friendly, just not very bright. Finally got to the actual booking phase and she said there was no way she could book 3 of us at the cheaper rate and the 4th at the other rate on one record. And we have to be on one record for me to use my voucher. Now being 40 minutes in, I decided to say goodbye and call back. I should have done this 35 minutes ago. While she was friendly, she wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box.  #1 Rule when calling a service center is when you don’t think the person is being helpful, hangup and try again.


My second call I was in and out in 10 minutes. I knew the exact flights I wanted and what fare codes and read them to her very specifically. She said she was impressed by my knowledge as that was exactly what she needed to proceed. Always helps to know what you want and have the info handy, and her compliment made my day. Not only was she able to book us all on one record, but she was able to revise the rate so all 4 of us were at the cheaper rate. I was worried that the first rep may have been right and we would have had to all book at the higher rate. This rep saved my $200! Thank you Delta Rep!

Now 3 days later, I realize one of the names is spelled incorrectly on the ticket.


I was thinking I may have to call and plead a case with some amazing excuse in order to get a change fee waived. I called and once again had a very helpful representative. I told him my situation and he said no problem. He ran into a few computer issues and ended up having to reissue the whole record for our party, but did it at no cost. In fact he didn’t even mention how this should be like a $150 change fee.

Now I mid-tier with Delta being a Gold member through Feb 2020.  Unfortunately my latest travel has me going to an American Airlines hub a lot more so it doesn’t make since to spend 4 extra hours in a plane to get there and go through Atlanta or a different Delta hub. I will still fly Delta whenever I can though because of their great service.


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