We arrived on a Delta flight at about 1pm to Turks and Caicos. The customs and immigration lines weren’t too bad, as it appeared we were only flight arriving at that time. I thought there was like a Beaches lounge or something, but there was not. You walk out of the airport where there are a bunch of hotels with signs. Beaches is to the left. It was pretty crowded and they give you your room number here, but it only took about 10 minutes to hop in a van. They had some nice Escalades for the Beaches Elite, but we are not that so we just piled into a large passenger van and where on our way.


It’s only about a 15 minute drive which is nice compared to Beaches Negril which is like 2 hours. Beaches has many different villages, and the van will drop you off at your specific village. We get dropped off at the Caribbean Village. We give our bags to the porter and they just line them up outside with all the other bags. There are cold towels and drinks waiting for you once you get out of the van. They have reps who take you to sit down on a couch and finish the check in process on an Ipad. Then you take that to the front desk to get your keys. By this time it’s about 1:30 and our room is not ready.


We grab a bite at Reflections Restaurant as we are starving by this time. We then just walk around a lil bit until 3:15pm. I then go back to the front desk and they tell be 15 more minutes. At about this same time, a small kids train pulls up so my kids and wife jump on that so they can see more of the resort.


At 330 I go back to the front desk and my room is ready! A Beaches lady escorts me up to room 260. We walk past my bags still lined up outside so I grab them. She tells me they will have someone bring them up, but since they are just carry ones I tell her I would rather do it myself as I don’t want to wait for our swimsuits. We get up to our room and it’s not too bad. Beaches is pretty darn expensive so I booked the cheapest room category. While our room was not huge, it had good views and would be just fine for our 5 days here.



Our room in the Caribbean Village #260. It was overlooking the basketball courts, but you could also see the ocean and some of the pools. I was happy with it since I booked a DK room type which was the cheapest room possible at that time.


It included a nice large king bed. The mattress was firm but not rock hard. The pillows were pretty firm as well, but they have some softer ones in the closet.


Then they have a day bed with trundle which is prefect for 2 kids.


A small desk and sitting area.


The armoire was just fine for our 5 days. It’s the beach so we didn’t have a lot of clothes. But there are only 6 drawers. The TV was in front of the bed. It was nice to be able to wind down at night and fall asleep to a show. The reception was pretty bad and they didn’t not have a good selection of channels though. Next to that they had a microwave, though I don’t know why. Then a coffee maker 3 cups. (3 is kind of random) Then they stocked the mini fridge daily. You can ask them for your favorite drinks and bottles of wine when you checkin as well. However they just brought us wine the first day and never restocked it. (we never got wine glasses though)



The bathroom was sufficient. The best thing was that they give you plenty of large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. There is a hair dryer as well. They also stocked plenty of towels which is a big plus when you are at the beach with kids. Here was one single glass and an ice bucket in the bathroom. I thought it was pretty strange during our stay that beaches only provided one glass in the bathroom but 3 coffee cups and no wine glasses. I kind of figure after the first night it would have been obvious that there was 4 of us, and that we didn’t drink coffee at all, but did drink a lot of wine. They never provided different cups though.


It’s nice to have a patio, but it was tiny. Barely large enough for the 2 chairs and table. Plus a small clothes rack.


Beaches provided complimentary internet connectivity. It was useless in our room though, I think I heard the old AOL modem cranking up a few times. You could get a very short connection from our patio though. It was pretty strong from the public areas.

We were in the Caribbean village which is the far area. We enjoyed it very much though. No matter where you stay, it can be a quick and enjoyable walk to wherever you need to go. Compared to the French, and Italian villages, our area was definitely a lil plain. The pools were very nice and we enjoyed them, but not quit as fancy as the Italian or French pools. Of course you can swim wherever you want though. We actually spent most of our pool time at the waterpark anyways. The beach area in front of the Caribbean was definitely the least crowded though and the least amount of natives trying to sell whatever they can get you to buy.

Our flight on our last day was at 1:19pm. That mean they pick you up from the Beaches departures lounge at 10am. Bags needed to be set outside your room by 9am. We were not quite ready by 9am so we just took our bags down to the departure lounge ourself, which was a short walk from the Caribbean Village lobby. At the lounge they have some comfortable chairs and cookies and water. We were in a van by 10am and it’s a short 20 minute drive to the airport. We were checked in and through security by 10:30, which meant we had 2 hours to do nothing in their very basic airport. PLS guideline is to be at airport 2 hours before flight. We were there about 3 hours so we definitely could have left Beaches a lil later. They don’t always have vans scheduled for later but if you really wanted to I guess you could have taken a cheap cab to stay at Beaches an extra hour.


Overall our room was perfect for 5 days for the 4 of us. As I mentioned it was a basic room but provided enough room and we slept relatively good. I figured we would have been stuck in a corner overlooking a parking lot, but we had a least were able to see the ocean.

I will be posting more reviews soon of the pools, restaurants, beach, and activities. I also plan on posting a quick comparison of 5 different all inclusive we have gone to in the 3 years and how they compare in amenities and in value. Overall Beaches TCI was amazing. I would love to go back again, just not sure if I need to sell a Kidney to be able to do so.


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