There is no shortage of activities to keep you entertained at Beaches Turks and Caicos. Earlier I talked about the pools which is the highlight of the resort, but in this post I will try to cover everything else.

First let me start with a few of the water activities. They have snorkeling and scuba boats that go out just about every hour. You can bring your own gear, or they can provide some for ya as well. Its easy to reserve your spot the day before. We just did a snorkeling trip. The boat takes you about 5 minutes from the resort where you can still see the land. Then you snorkel or swim for about 30 minutes and then come back. It was fun and easy. However I did not like that they made you wear life vest that were not inflated. They were the blow up kind and just go in the way.


There where several playgrounds around the property.


The gym was adequate. It was fairly large, but the resort is huge and lots of people want to workout when eating so much. They had classes like Zumba and boot camps throughout the week. Beaches has a gym with a weight section and a cardio section, as well as a lil open air hardwood floor section where you can do whatever you want.


Beaches has a large open air stage where they provide some type of entertainment each night. Sorry Beaches, but this was not your strong point. I’d rather just eat and drink on the beach.


Close to the water park, there is a little clubhouse with pool , ping pong, air hockey, and fusbol tables for use.


Beaches also provides all type of water sports activities opportunities. We took advantage of the kayaks and small catamarans. If you don’t know how to operate one, they will provide a guide for ya. They also had stand up paddle boards, windsurfing, water bikes, etc.



There is an Xbox lounge which has a least 50 systems setup. Nothing amazing but a good way to kill some time if in between activities.


Croquet anyone? (note I never saw a single person playing, but it looks nice.)


Basketball and Shuffleboard anyone? They also had a very large tennis section.


Then of course, plenty of drinks to go around for all ages.



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