I was flying out on Delta out of Terminal 3. Pre Check security was a breeze and only took 5 minutes. I had about 2 hours to kill with a coworker so decided to take the Delta shuttle  bus over to Terminal 2 to use my Priority Pass Membership to eat at Barney’s Beanery. Thank goodness I had 2 hours or I may not have made my flight….


We asked the hostess for a table for 2 and she immediately asked if we were with Priority Pass and I said yes. She swiped my Priority Pass card, told me we had $56 credit and then handed a receipt over to the our waitress who took us back to our table in the very back.

Now the place was packed when we arrived, but after about 30 minutes, it was only about half full. The service was just absolutely horrible though. Took us 15 minutes just to take our drink order, and then it was about another 20 minutes before we got our drinks. Of course I didn’t get a water I asked for and that was another 10 minutes.


Below is the menu.


We ended up getting first getting some nachos. After finishing those off I decided I needed the apple pie a la mode. However our waitress disappeared. I found another waitress and asked if she knew where our waitress went or if she could take our order. Her response was ” No, she is probably in the bathroom. They don’t tell you when you take a job here they don’t have a bathroom and you have to go out into the terminal every time you have to go.” Eventually our waitress came back and took my pie order.


Now it was time to pay and she bought out an bill for like $45. I told her she had our priority pass ticket. She looked for it but couldn’t find it. She had to go get the hostess to scan our card again and then said we were take care of. I left a small tip and then headed back on the Delta bus to Terminal 3 for our flight.

Overall, the service was bad and the food was ok. However your options are pretty minimal in Terminal 2 and 3. While I wouldn’t go out of my way to go here, if I have plenty of time I would eat here again.


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