As I wrote about here, our family recently took a short jaunt across the pond to London. We found a good deal with miles on flights that worked so we jumped on it. Unfortunately one of the bad things about award tickets leaving London is all the taxes and fees that get added. Its normal fees when going to London from the US, but leaving London back to the US hurts. You can take the train down to Paris and save a few dollars on award ticket fees, or buy a cheap cash ticket to visit another country and then fly back from that country and save on these fees as well. (great way to see another country while saving on fees!)

london fees

Last week I received an email from Delta below stating that the $100.80 Air Passenger Duty Fee are not applicable to minors and would be refunded.


I checked my credit card account, and there the credit was!

Delta Credit

Now I have 2 children and only received one notification and only one credit. I have contacted Delta to make sure I get the other $100 refund.

Why cant they fix their system to just not charge this in the first place? I don’t know, but I will gladly take my refund!



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