We booked this flight over 6 months ago using 40k AA miles each for one way in economy. 6 months ago you had to search for space on expert flyer and call AA. Now  it is usually easily searchable on AA. We could not make it work using miles to get form OKC-DFW though so we had to drive to DFW. Which was OK since I take that flight often for work and I get delayed or cancelled often. I was wanting to get 4 business class award tickets but those are very hard to find. I checked back often and found a few singles available but never 4.

After a Drive from OKC to DFW and a decent on time American Airlines Flight from DFW to OKC, we had about 2 hours until our flight to Papeete Tahiti and was able to get a few drinks and some dinner at the AMEX centurion lounge.

Our flight was scheduled to be at 11:50pm, so at about 10:45 we left the lounge. We were departing form Gate 46, which is a very long walk through a maze from the main Tom Bradley Terminal. On our way there we start to hear our names being called and I think, did the time change? Once we got there they were just calling everyone’s names to check passports…

At about 11:15 they started boarding with business and premium economy, followed by the back of the plane on up towards the front. We were in row 22 which meant we would be close to last. We then get in line, only to get on a nice crowded bus to take us to a remote stand. Since we were close to last to board, this meant we had to wait for every passenger which was about 25 more minutes in this stuffy humid bus of people just wanting to start vacation.


It was about a 10 minute drive to our remote stand where we boarded our 787.img_20190627_234951

Waiting for each passenger in coach was a pretty heavy blanket and pillow. The cabin temp was very warm and there was no individual air nozzles so there was no need for the blanket. Also in the seat was a a small amenity kit of ear plugs, headphones, and socks. img_20190627_235954

The seat was fairly standard with 31-32 inches of pitch. The flight was about 95% full. Since we boarded close to last, most of the bins we already closed but when we opened them they were all half empty. Still plenty of storage space.

Since this was a 11:50am flight, they kept the lights off in the cabin most of the flight. img_20190628_072103

My wife and kids fell asleep right away but I found a movie and wanted to see what the first meal would be. About 1:15 minutes into the flight they came around with drinks and a chicken dish. I wasn’t hungry but the fruit and the butterscotch pudding were great. About a half hour later they came around to clean it up.


About 90 minutes till landing they started breakfast. You had your choice of eggs or crepes. The crepes were delicious, the eggs were horrible. Also throughout the flight they came around with cups of water. There were snacks in the galley but I was in a middle seat (the things I do for my family)and didn’t want to disturb my neighbor who was sleeping. img_20190628_065505img_20190628_065513

The IFE was pretty good. Very responsive new screens on this 787. The selection of movies was OK for a 8 hour flight, but not as large as most other airlines.img_20190628_080750

We landed at about 5am. Its a nice island remote stand. There was live music upon entering the terminal!


We had a connecting Air Tahiti flight at 6:45 and was a lil worried about making that connection as we had to get our bags and check back in. It was perfect timing though and we made everything just fine.

You don’t have a lot of choices when flying to Tahiti. This 787 was a good comfortable flight. I would do it again.


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I love to travel, I love to get a good deal, and I love to negotiate. Of course after God, family, and friends, or even better when its with them.

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