Review- Embassy Suites Scottsdale


We checked in at about 8pm on a Wednesday night. Hotel is easy to find and in a good area. At checkin we were given 4 bottles of water and briefly told about the amenities on the property. I asked if there were any diamond upgrades available and she responded we were already give one. I figured this was just a better view room, but I was wrong….

It’s a large property, so we got back in our car and followed the map to our room. We were on the first floor which I typically don’t like. We opened up the door, and were pleasantly surprised by an executive style suite. The living room had a chase sofa as well as a large TV screen, and a dining room table for 6. There was also a small desk that faced the wall.  It also had a mini kitchen area with a fridge and microwave. Then a small half bathroom off of that. All of this area was very large and had lots of room to move without bumping into furniture. One of our kids slept on the pull out mattress, while the other one just slept on the chase portion of the couch.




The bedroom was the next room and was pretty standard for an Embassy Suites. The bed was average in terms of comfortableness but was pretty noisy when getting in and out of it. What I did like is all the lamps had normal and USB plus in them so it was easy to charge up. The bedroom also had a small table with lights on it for putting on makeup. There was a 2nd TV in here as well. The master bathroom was very large. It had nice tile and a nice walk in shower with good water pressure. What I never understand though is why there are only 3 towels in the bathroom, when our reservation is for 4 people…. Then there was a large private walkout patio off the bedroom. This would be a great place to have a glass of while at night, or a cup of coffee in the morning. There was some loud music coming from a neighboring bar, but once we close the door, you couldn’t really hear it.


While there are no resort fees here, there are several amenities that we didn’t have to chance use though. Pools, checkers, tennis courts and other items we didn’t walk by like the fitness center.


Our kids love the Embassy Suites breakfast as there are some many options to choose from. Made to order eggs are always our favorite. The breakfast is in a small building in the middle of the complex and has seating inside or outside by the pool.


Overall it was a solid stay and I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again while passing through. We had a paid rate of about $124 a night, or could have used 40k Hilton points. We did monitor the prices in the phoenix area for several weeks and made several changes to get a good deal. While there are quite a few nice hotels in Phoenix you could find for $100, the suite and great breakfast are always a huge help when traveling with our family.