Recently my wife received the letter below reminding us that she had United miles due to expire in a few months. I keep a pretty good spreadsheet but actually zero’d out these United miles because it was less than 2k. The letter suggested using them for magazine subscriptions. While not a bad idea for such a low amount of miles, she has a lot of Chase Ultimate Rewards that can be transferred to United so I would rather try to keep them. I will be buying some needed items from Home Depot through the United Shopping Portal in order to reset the expiration date a least another 18 months. Shopping Portals or Dining Portals are typically the easiest way to show activity on an account and reset the expiration dates. I appreciate the reminder from United though!



Don’t forget to get something back from your gifts this year

Do you know how easy it is to get additional miles or points back form shopping? Especially at this time of the year, there or so many bonuses and promotions for using an online portal that will take you to your favorite stores to earn 1 up to 25 miles/points per dollar. I know I am sometimes in a hurry and have few missed opportunities, but the past few days I have been reviewing the best points back sites before I hit buy.

This is my favorite website that will show you just about all the current vendors and what their rates are. Click here. Its pretty self explanatory to use.


On most of these you will need to make sure you already have an account set up with Chase or AA shoping or whomever you use. Also, I typically go to the regular website (like Lowes, BestBuy, Wal-Mart or whomever), add items to my cart, and then close the window completely. Then click back through a portal to buy and my items are still saved in cart.

AA has a promotion that’s automatic when you spend $150 through AA shopping you get 500 bonus miles, $300 get $1500.  It takes a few days to be added to your account though. I have made several purchases in the past 3 days and they do not show up yet.


Shopping portals are one of the easiest way to boss your miles and point balances. Since 2013 I have received over 67k AA miles alone. Its also an easy way to keep your miles from expiring.  For Example you buy some batteries from Lowes that comes with free shipping via the United shopping portal and now your United miles wont expire for an additional 18 months.